Bear Grylls Survival Knife Review


Bear Grylls is well known for his hit television show “Man vs Wild.” In the show, Bear Grylls takes the viewer on extravagant adventures through all kinds of survival situations. Critics say that Bear Grylls is just a showman. They say he is only in for the entertainment value.

Despite this criticism, he managed to produce one hell of a knife. The Bear Grylls survival knife is a no-nonsense blade that deserves a spot on your belt. In this review, I take a look at the Bear Grylls survival knife and the reasons why it is indeed a competent and worthy blade.


Some of the specs I couldn’t find data for and I don’t have the proper tools to test myself. Specs I couldn’t find are denoted with two question marks.

Blade TypeFixed
Blade Length4.8 inches
Total Length10 inches
Blade Thickness??
Blade Material??
Weight13.7 oz
Sheath IncludedYes

First impressions

When you’ve handled many blades you can easily tell the quality knives from the cheap ones. Quality knives have a certain weighty feel. Crappy ones feel like a plastic trinket that belongs in the trash. The Bear Grylls knife is weighty and serious – something I didn’t expect from a guy who willingly drinks his own piss. The blade itself looks wicked, as if it was forged someplace dark and serious. I love the look of the blade especially with the orange accents on the handle. The rubber handle is extremely grippy.

Expensive knives use Micarta which is nice but expensive. The rubber is just as functional and perhaps even favored over pricey Micarta alternatives.

The blade


Let’s talk about the blade itself. The blade is just under 5 inches and features a drop point. This is a point I enjoy for carving and skinning. You can really get a fine carve on if you know what you’re doing. The material in question is a mystery. I think it’s some kind of stainless steel or a mix between different types of metals? The documentation doesn’t say.

Regardless, the blade is sharp and holds an edge. Sure, it’s not going to be as sharp as an ESEE 3 or Morakniv, but what do you expect for a sub $40 blade? The blade has serrated edges which appear to hack half way decently. You can tell they won’t last forever but they will stay functional for a while.

The handle


The handle is truly something else. It’s a grooved rubber which has orange accents and bears Bear Grylls’s initials (no pun intended.) The pommel appears to be strong but I wouldn’t attempt busting any windows or something. Attached to the pommel lanyard is a survival whistle that would do the job if need be. Functionally, the handle is very grippy even when wet. I actually prefer a rubber handle but you usually don’t see rubber used on most knives. It is what it is.

The sheath


I always say the sheath is almost as important as the blade! You need something to protect yourself from the blade while you aren’t using it. The sheath should not dull the blade. It should keep the blade secured right to your belt while you are busy doing other things. When it comes time to use the blade you should easily be able to retrieve the knife from the sheath.

I got to say, the sheath is basic but it does the job in a way that leaves no complaints. The sheath implements a patented friction lock system to lock the blade in a secure position when you are not using it. Towards the handle is a velcro strap to further secure the knife. It’s designed for either a right or left handed person and has a water drainage hole at the bottom – in case you decide to go swimming with your knife on. It also comes with a built in blade sharpener! Good stuff indeed.


Okay, so the knife looks cool but how does it perform in the real world? I took the knife out into the bush to see how it stacked up against a variety of survival tasks. Common tasks include skinning, chopping, batoning wood, etc. I was surprised to see this blade held well to everything I put it through. It chopped wood like some of the better knives I’ve used. It skinned well due to the blades fine edge. It batoned straight through all the wood I could throw at it. In the end, I came away very impressed with how this knife performed.

A little chopping action


A little slicing


Final thoughts

The Bear Grylls survival knife definitely took me by surprise. For the price I believe it’s unmatched. If you’re on a budget this is definitely the knife you want to invest in. I see a lot of people talking crap about this knife. This is mainly because they don’t consider Bear Grylls a real survivalist. If these people were honest however they would see that this is a quality knife for the price despite the “fake” reputation of Mr. Grylls. It’s too bad people can’t see beyond the surface of things but that’s the world we live in

Anyways, do yourself a favor and order one today. Your belt won’t regret it and neither will you!

~until next time~

Camelbak Motherlode Review

The Camelbak Motherlode backpack has taken the survival community by storm – producing a backpack that functions admirably as both a bug out bag and a general hiking bag. Camelbak is well known for producing high quality hydration packs and now has their hands in the backpack market. I got to say, the quality has transferred over quite nicely.

In this review, I take an up close look at the Camelbak Motherlode. I had a number of questions going into this review:

  • Can the Camelbak Motherlode handle a full blown SHTF situation?
  • Can it function as a bug out bag?
  • Can it store all of my gear?
  • Is it worth the price?

Yes, these are all crucial questions to ask. After all, you are trusting your backpack to hold all of your gear. Whether that gear is for hiking, backpacking, or bugging out, you need a pack that is going to handle anything you throw at it. Plus, quality packs will last you for years. I’ve cheaped out on packs before only to see the zippers bust within 6 months with light use. No bueno.


  • 100% Nylon
  • Made in USA
  • Hydration capacity: 100 oz/3 L
  • Total capacity: 2258 cu in/37L + 3L reservoir
  • Total weight: 4.9 lbs/2.2 kg
  • Torso length: 16.5 in/42 cm
  • 420D high Density Nylon on shoulder harness

Camelbak Motherlode quality

Loaded down…


The first thing you’re going to notice with the Camelbak Motherlode is the absolute quality of everything on this pack. Everything from the material to the zippers are extremely well built. Don’t be fooled by Camelbaks background as just a hydration pack manufacturer – this backpack is military spec in all the areas that count. It’s even got Molle webbing on the outside. This is a feature you only see in highly tactical military packs. And it’s not just there to look cool either. With the Molle webbing you can easily attach Molle compatible pouches to the outside. This would allow you to extend the carrying capacity of the pack in case you needed to go full blown pack mule status.

Super clean

Holy cow is this pack slick looking. It’s like they took a military spec bag and gave it a complete makeover. Don’t get me wrong – I love tactical military packs. But if we were completely honest with ourselves they aren’t the best looking packs around. Can’t we have military spec while still looking cool? The answer is yes with the Camelbak Motherlode.

Critical hydration

The Camelbak Motherlode with included hydration bladder


Being a true-to-form Camelbak, the Motherlode comes fully stocked with a 3L hydration bladder. If you have any experience with Camelbak you already have a good grasp on the sheer quality of the bladder. Lesser bladders bust wide open within months and barely pull any water when you go for a drink. The Motherlode delivers the same level of quality we know and love from Camelbak.

Comfort and Pockets

Inside look


The Motherlode is well padded in the shoulder straps and back area. The last thing you want is skinny spaghetti straps digging into your traps on a hike. The pack also comes loaded with enough pockets to store all of your gear. On the outside is a generous admin pocket with the main compartment totaling 37 liters. That’s a lot of space.

Concluding thoughts

So, can the Motherlode stand up to a full blown SHTF situation? Hell yes. Can the Motherlode handle a 3 day excursion into the bush? Absolutely. This pack isn’t going to have any problems with anything you throw at it. Sure, you aren’t going to be able to pack everything and the kitchen sink, but you can certainly pack all the essentials. The Camelbak Motherlode gets a big thumbs up from all the experts at DSK.

Pick one up today and see for yourself.


Direct Action Ghost Backpack Review


When TSHTF, are you going to have a real backpack to grab and go? Are you going to have all the essential gear required to blow through a fully blown SHTF situation? Serious situations require seriously durable gear. The Direct Action Ghost Tactical backpack is the all time classic tactical bag – coming fully stocked with everything you need in a backpack. In fact, the Direct Action Ghost is versatile enough to be used in many different scenarios – many people use the backpack as a standard daypack while it’s fully functional as a full blown bug out bag too.


  • 100% Cordura 500D, DWR coated
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Lightweight and versatile 3-day backpack designed for advanced Military & Law Enforcement operators
  • Patented Combat Vent System® provides increased comfort for their users during prolonged use
  • Unique laser cut MOLLE/PALS system is lowprofile, lightweight, snag-free and non-water absorbing
  • Durable, water resistant coated Codura 500D fabric with multiple color/camo options for versitility
  • Kryptek, PenCott, Mulitcam are NIR(Near-infrared) treated; Helps prevent detection with nightvison

Bullet proof


The pack itself is made of bombproof 500 Denier Cordura material and features heavy duty zippers. Too many times have I taken a backpack out into the woods only to run into quality issues. Material rips, straps snap, zippers stop zipping. This is the LAST thing you want in a backpack no matter what you’re using it for.

The Direct Action Ghost was designed for military and law enforcement personnel. It goes without saying that any gear the military uses is going to be very high quality.

Unique features

The outside pouch is completely detachable when you don't need to carry a massive load
The outside pouch is completely detachable when you don’t need to carry a massive load


The thing I really like about this pack is the slim profile. Many backpacks “chode out” the back when you load them down with gear. While this is a purely aesthetic complaint I have, the taller slimmer profile caught my eye straight away on the Direct Action Ghost. I’ve also never seen a camouflage pattern quite like this. It’s quite awesome and a refreshing change from the standard camo variety.

Fully functional

The Direct Action Ghost is adaptable to many scenarios. The side compression straps can be used to lash down a tent or a tarp for instance. I always look for side compression straps for this purpose. A lot of bulky stuff must be lashed to the outside to make room for gear on the inside. Without the compression straps this can become quite a pain in the ass.

Fortunately the Direct Action Ghost has compression straps right on the side – very strong ones at that. The laser cut molle not only makes this pack look completely badass but allows you to attach more gear to the outside. You can extend the carrying capacity if you have Molle compatible pouches. And speaking of pouches, the Direct Action Ghost has a removable pouch attached to the outside. Remove the pouch if your’re going for a day hike, put it back on when it’s time to go fully loaded.


Okay, another gripe I have with packs is the the thin spaghetti straps companies use in place of well padded ones. The Direct Action Ghost gets it right. This pack is extremely comfortable from the generously padded straps to the soft and breathable back area. The waist straps are also well padded and do a good job at bearing a lot of the load you’re carrying.

Pockets for days

Tons of pockets!


I’m still discovering pockets on the Direct Action Ghost. It comes loaded down with a ton of organizational space and plenty of pockets to stash and store your gear. While most military style packs only offer a large rucksack, the DAG goes against the grain by including more pockets than you can shake a stick at.

If you’re the type of person who likes to organize your pack, this is the only backpack you’ll need. Seriously, lots of nice meshed pockets!

Direct Action Ghost Review Conclusion

Overall this is a great pack and deserves a spot on your back. It’s slim, looks cool, and stands up to the strict standards of military quality. If you’re looking for a bug out bag, a backpack for hiking, or just an awesome day pack, definitely check out the Direct Action Ghost. Thanks for reading this review!



Ontario Rat 3 Knife Review

Today it’s time to crack into one of my favorite knives. I’ve always said the Rat 3 is the budget friendly version of the infamous ESEE-3. Both knives have similar specs but the RAT 3 is less expensive. It’s a win for the wallet and a win for your belt. The Rat 3 is an extremely competent knife and handles itself well in the bush. In this review I take an in depth look at the Rat 3.


Blade TypeFixed
Blade Length3.9 inches
Total Length7.9 inches
Blade Thickness0.125 inches
Blade Material1095 steel / Plain edge / Drop point
Weight5.3 oz
Sheath IncludedYes

The blade


The blade comes in at 3.8 inches and is made of time tested 1095 carbon steel. Carbon steel holds a wicked edge. I had zero problems doing everything I needed to do with this knife. Everything from skinning to carving was an absolute breeze with the Rat 3. With the carbon steel you do have to keep up on the maintenance. The metal is prone to rusting if the blade is exposed to moisture over a period of time. A few swipes on a piece of leather does the trick. Just make sure to keep it dry and sheathed when you aren’t using it.

On a final note, this blade came razor sharp straight out of the box. Many cheap knives require a good sharpening after you unbox them. Not so with the Rat 3! Be warned, many a knife enthusiast has sliced themselves deep straight out of the gate.

The handle


The Rat 3 implements a Micarta handle. The handle is extremely ergonomic. I have medium sized hands and the handle molded straight into them. It’s curved in all the right places and very easy to find the right grip depending on what you’re doing with the blade. Micarta is quickly becoming my favorite handle material. The ESEE line of knives almost always use Micarta for their handles and for very good reasons – this material is strong, grippy, and easy to shape into a mold that feels good in hand. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – The Rat 3 is basically a high quality ESEE knife disguised as a budget friendly version!


Enough talking about raw specs. How does the Rat 3 really stack up in the bush? It’s time to take the Rat 3 out into the bush for a proper beating. A good knife at the very minimum should be able to make feathersticks and do some light batoning.

Making feathersticks – Very easy to make feathersticks with the Rat 3. The 1095 carbon steel means this blade has a razor sharp edge. Making the feathersticks was only a matter of placing the blade on the wood, and then smoothing my way down. With very little pressure I was able to create very fine feathersticks with the Rat 3.


Batoning wood – Can you baton wood with the Rat 3? The answer is yes, however, with the short blade it’s not the most ideal wood batoner. You can indeed produce some nice kindling with smaller pieces of wood. I would not recommend the Rat 3 if your plan is to produce a nights worth of wood in a short amount of time.

Final thoughts

Is the Rat 3 a competent knife to take into the bush? Absolutely. I was surprised to see how similar it was to the ESEE 3 and if I was to be perfectly honest, it’s practically the same knife but almost half the price! At this price point the Rat 3 is an obvious choice for your belt. Grab one today and let us know what you think.



Prepping On a Budget

Thinking about prepping for a fully blown SHTF situation? It’s a good idea…especially with Hillary and Trump going head to head for the presidential election. You’ve probably read a lot about prepping but can’t afford a lot of the gear recommendations. That doesn’t mean you can’t start with the basics. In fact, a lot of the stuff I’m about to mention is perfect if you are prepping on a budget.


Everything the body needs
Everything the body needs


Food can be expensive or food can be budget friendly. Sure, it would be nice to have top quality meats canned and ready to go for a fully blown SHTF situation. Meats are expensive but the good thing is that meat isn’t necessary for survival. Rice and beans are dirt cheap and provide a complete amino acid profile. Grain type foods should form the mainstay of your preps. Grains are extremely affordable when purchased in bulk and they store well for the long term.

How much grains do you need? 300 pounds per person is the recommended amount for years supply. That sounds like a lot of grains – and that’s because it is! When things go fully blown, are you really going to dread the thought of having a years supply of food? Of course not. The thing is, you don’t have to buy all of it right away…

You can start with 25 pounds at a time

Get a few of those crossed off your list as soon as possible. Don’t forget the seasonings!


Water will become an invaluable resource when things go fully blown. If you are prepping on a budget, I recommend picking up as many of those 5 gallon jugs of water as you can store. Also stack your garage or storage room to the ceiling with bottled waters – snatch them up before water becomes more expensive than gold.

It’s also wise to pick up a water filtration device. If you have to bug out of location, you can secure water from local ponds, rivers, or streams. A water filter is necessary to filter out any bacteria or impurities which can lead to explosive cases of diarrhea and sometimes death.

The sawyer water filter is the standard for water filtration and surprisingly cheap. Too cheap too pass up. Water purification tablets are also inexpensive. Having multiple methods to secure water is a very sound idea.

Essential Gear (cheap)

The following list is stuff you can generally cheap out on – so to speak. I have cheap flash lights I’ve owned forever that still throw a beam.

Finding deals when prepping on a budget

The key to prepping on a budget is always being on the lookout for cheap gear. You can find a lot of the gear you need at garage sales and places like craigslist. Look out for knives, tarps, camping gear, tents, and anything that looks like it would be useful if TSHTF.

Your local stores should have coupon booklets you can go through to find deals on food. You’re mainly looking for deals on canned foods as the food you get needs to be non perishable. Beef jerky is expensive but occasionally stores will have deals on them. Canned foods frequently go down in price especially during the holiday seasons. When you find a deal stock up on as much of it as you can.

Final thoughts

The key to prepping on a budget is going slow. Whenever you have the money invest a little bit into your prepping. Eventually you will have a fully stocked storage room full of all the essential gear you need to survive a fully blown SHTF situation.



The 8 Survival Archetypes: Which One Are You?

In a fully blown SHTF situation, there will be people who rise to the occasion and survive. There will be people who will do certain tasks very well. You might have some people who are great leaders, exceptional fighters, or gifted healers. Survival brings out the true character of a man or woman – where do you fall in the 8 archetypes?

The Bonzo

The Bonzo is an interesting character. The Bonzo finds it hard to fit into society. He finds himself going in and out of prison and the justice system – or perhaps he simply never found his place in normal society. Whatever the reason, the Bonzo will ultimately survive because he has not been conditioned by the culture he was raised in. He will do whatever it takes and take out anyone in his path. The Bonzo has been a survivalist his whole life and will find it very easy to fit into a new SHTF style future.

The Rambo

The Rambo is similar to the Bonzo but slightly more refined. The Rambo probably has extensive military experience. Like the Bonzo, Rambo types will smash their way through even the hairiest SHTF situations. They are slightly crazy but hold a certain amount of patriotism that tapers the wild beast within. They might be alone but their duty is to protect their people from the shadows. They will do whatever it takes to take out the enemy. Rambo types have a very good chance of survival.

The Healer

The healer can be a person with or without medical experience. In a fully blown SHTF situation, there will always be someone in the group who will naturally step forward as the healer. Whether that means dressing wounds or treating scrapes, the healers job is to take care of injuries inflicted within the group. The medic is a classic archetype and a very important part of the group.

The Leader

This character is a natural people person. Usually extroverted with a special ability to see all the moving parts of a scenario. The leader is a conflict resolver. The leader will give direction in the midst of complete chaos and will instill a sense of stability in the group. Without a leader the group will fail as they flounder for direction and fight among themselves. A leader is well respected and the group will go to battle for them.

The Operator

COMMS UP. This person has a deep understanding of electronics and HAM radio operations. They know how to operate a radio and contact other operators who can relay important information. This information is invaluable in a fully blown SHTF situation. The operator understands computers and electronics to a fault. In fact, he might not be good at anything else. In a word, the operator is specialized. Just like the other archetypes, he knows how to do one thing very well.

The Mechanic

This is the handyman. The mechanic can fix almost anything with moving parts and has a mechanically oriented brain. Need to siphon some gas? No problem. Need to construct a shelter? Easy. Time to get a bug out vehicle fixed and running? Let’s do this. The mechanic is very skilled with his hands and will prove to be very valuable. However, there will be many mechanic type individuals in a fully blown SHTF situation. Many men work mechanical type jobs and thus, have been trained to understand how things work from a mechanical level. Let’s just hope they can all work together.

The Shaman

The Shaman on the surface appears to be absolutely useless. They disappear for long periods of time and return with sage advice. The Shaman is a spiritual man or woman who understands the human predicament. They are the priest, the rabbi, the ancient witch doctor who people turn to for spiritual guidance. Do not underestimate the shamans role in a fully blow SHTF situation. They will keep the group spiritually replenished and will boost morale in times of complete darkness.

The Herbalist

The Herbalist has a deep knowledge of plants. They can easily identify plants that will help the group with sustenance and survival. Plants hold the power to heal and to replenish the human body and mind. The herbalist has the knowledge to create powerful tinctures to replace the traditional pharmaceutical medicines we have grown accustom to. The herbalist also has extensive gardening skills and will oversee the cultivation of small crops for the group. Potatoes anyone? The herbalist has you covered.


So, where do you fall within these 8 survival archetypes? Perhaps you are somewhere in between? There is no reason why you can’t have both mechanical and herbalist skills. Feel free to mix and match if you think you can easily walk between archetypes.


Best SHTF Weapons To Own When Things go Fully Blown


You find yourself deep in the thickness of a fully blown SHTF situation. Your only option is to blast your way through the madness in the most tactical way possible. let’s take a look at the best SHTF weapons to own when the SHTF.

SHTF weapons requirements

What makes a good SHTF weapon? You don’t want just any old rifle or pistol. You need something that can handle a fully blown SHTF situation with relative ease. Your weapons should have the following characteristics.

  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to find parts
  • Plentiful ammo
  • Powerful

In the case of a full system collapse, it’s important your weapon is somewhat abundant in case you need to find parts or ammo. If you have some obscure weapon from the WW2 days it will be difficult to secure the parts or ammo you need if you run out. Reliability is another huge factor. You don’t want your SHTF weapon giving you problems when you’re in the middle of a full blown firefight.


AR-15 semi-automatic rifle

The standard choice for many SHTF preppers as well as being widely used in military and police forces. A widely used weapon so finding parts and ammo will be easy. What makes the AR-15 so great? For one, the AR-15 can be adapted to shoot multiple calibers. This make the AR-15 an extremely versatile SHTF weapon. On top of this versatility, the AR-15 is the most heavily modified and upgraded rifle around. Full catalogs are filled out with upgrades and parts that can be applied to the AR-15.

The AR-15 is also a relatively cheap rifle compared to others on the market. Entry level models start out at $600 and then work up.

Lastly, the AR-15 is a formidable short and long distance shooter. There’s a reason police use this weapon during active shooter situations. You can take someone down from a distance or at a close range with zero problems. A truly powerful SHTF weapon you can’t overlook.



If you don’t know much about guns you probably think the AK-47 is illegal to own in the United States. In fact, it’s completely legal. The thing is, it must be a modified version of the original AK – meaning you can own it if it’s semi-automatic. Big brother has declared it too dangerous for normal civilians to be running around with fully automatic assault rifles.

The AK-47 was created in the Soiviet Union during the tail end of the second world war. It is the most abundant weapon on the planet and for lots of reasons. The AK-47 is cheap – cheaper than the AR-15. It’s well known as being the most reliable weapon on the planet and shoots even when submberged in mud or sand. Try doing that with your AR-15. I don’t say that to say the AK-47 is better than the AR-15. I say that to illustrate the raw reliability of the AK-47. This is an extremely reliable SHTF weapon.

It isn’t going to shoot as far, or as fast, as the AR-15. But what the AK-47 lacks in distance it makes up for in raw reliability. Sure, you may not be able to find ammo or parts as easy…but you can be damn sure it’s going to fire wherever you happen to find yourself.

Pump action shotgun


Ah yes, the pump action shotty. The jack of all trades SHTF weapon that does everything decently but nothing extraordinary. With a shot gun you can hunt and defend yourself. The raw stopping power of a shotgun at close range cannot be overstated. It’s a powerful weapon and extremely affordable. Ammo can be had for dirt cheap.

The downsides of a shotgun is range and the frequent reloading. However, in the hands of a skilled shooter the shotgun can quickly become a force of nature. I watched a guy hit a man made target from 200 yards with slugs. I watched my friend take down a goose from about 90 yards. Long range shots can be done with a shotgun if you put in the time to learn how to shoot effectively.

Plus, there is something very intimidating about a pump action shotgun slung over your shoulder – more so than a rifle. Nobody messes with a man wielding the pump action shotty. Keep in mind that shotgun shells are a lot heavier than rifle rounds. If you’re bugging out, you have to consider how many rounds you will bring with you and the weight of said rounds. It’s much easier to carry rifle rounds for long distances.

But, if cost is a deciding factor for you then the shotgun is definitely better than nothing.

The bow


Worried about running out of ammo in a fully blown SHTF situation? The bow is a solid choice for hunting and you don’t have to worry about running out of arrows. Arrows can be easily made and if you take care of the ones you have, they will last you a long time.

This is a significant advantage of the bow over a rifle – you can retrieve your shot fairly easily and reuse ammunition. Bows have come a long way as new technology emerges on the market. Compound bows with cutting edge mechanical features deliver a powerful force. They make bows that will successfully take down a bear. You won’t have any problem taking out a potential attacker with the same bow.

However, more mechanical parts moving means a larger chance of something going wrong with the mechanics of the bow. For this reason, it’s a good idea to stick with a recurve bow or something traditional.

Final thoughts

There really is no such thing as the best SHTF weapon. Certain weapons will lend themselves well to specific situations. Not all weapons will perform well in all situations – and each of the weapons in this post is better than nothing. You might be thinking – I will just have all of them! That is fine if you plan on bugging in and you have the funds to do so.

But what if you have to bug out? Realistically you will only be able to carry one of these effectively. You must choose for yourself what weapon will work best for you.

So, which do you choose? Drop a comment below and let us know.


The Complete SHTF Survival Guide


Imagine, a full blown EMP blast takes out all the electronics in your local region. At first, everything seems okay – until after the 3rd day. After the 3rd day you start to wonder if things will ever return to normal. You notice you are running low on food. You notice that everybody seems to be on edge. By the 4th day your city resembles something out of Planet of the Apes.

Full scale riots and looting start. Men start behaving like apes and become increasingly violent. What do you do? What do you do when the food trucks stop running? What do you do when it looks like the power may never be restored?

In this SHTF survival guide I’m going to give you a few tips to survive even the worst of situations.

SHTF survival guide

Here are a few practical tips to start implementing today. While you can’t possibly prepare for EVERY situation, you will put yourself ahead of the game by making sure you have a few things in order…

Start prepping – preparing for a full blown SHTF situation starts today. You need to start stocking up on all the essential supplies:

  • Bags of rice (the big ones)
  • Bags of beans (the big ones)
  • Salt
  • Canned meats
  • Canned fruits
  • Canned veggies
  • Water (5 gallon jugs + bottled)
  • Water purification
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Batteries
  • BIC lighters
  • Bug out bag
  • Medical kit
  • Weapons

Your SHTF Plan


Just having the important gear is not enough. You need a full plan. You need to inform yourself on a deep level about what it takes to survive a fully blown SHTF situation. At the core of your SHTF plan is what actions you are going to take to rally your team members and get the hell out of dodge.

It’s important to establish communications with your team and get everyone to safety as soon as possible. Create a plan with your close family and friends and periodically check in with them to run through the SHTF escape scenario. When SHTF you should have a central meeting point where everybody gathers and then a secondary bug out location where you head to.

You can take it a step further and identify a third bug out location in case the second one becomes compromised. It’s also crucial to understand how you’re going to interact with others you meet during a fully blown SHTF situation.

How do you respond to violence? How do you respond to others who want to join up with your group? The more of these types of questions you can answer the less thinking you will have to do when it comes time to make decisions. In a fully blown SHTF situation the name of the game is speed. You can’t be sitting around thinking about stuff for too long – lest you and your team become sitting ducks for somebody who HAS a plan (one that doesn’t have your best interest in mind.)

SHTF knowledge

Begin absorbing the knowledge of experts. Knowledge weighs nothing and could save your ass in a fully blown situation where survival flows from the poorly prepared to the knowledgeable. There are loads of survival books that are absolute must reads. These books have been written by experts with years and years of survival training. Many of them are ex military and have experience operating in SHTF type situations.

Here is a list of recommended reading:

The U.S. Marine Corps Summer Survival Course


A crash course in survival brought to you by the guys trained as the first ones in and the last ones out. This book documents the requirements of survival and includes practical tips for securing food and water, making traps and snares, navigation, escape and evasion, and a lot more. Highly recommended read.

The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook


The definitive resource for treating medical cases using all natural herbs and plants. It’s a book designed for a post-collapse world where one cannot simply go into the doctors office to get medicine. Do you fancy yourself the healer of the group? Pick this book up and start learning about plants. It will serve you and your group very well.

The SAS Handbook


You’ve probably seen this book plastered and recommended on every survival blog on the internet. That’s because this is the ultimate survival resource. It literally covers every possible survival technique to survive in any condition. If there is one book you should get it’s this one.

A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing & Smoking Meat, Fish & Game


Ultimate resource for preserving your meat for long term. When they drop the nuke or trigger the EMP blast, old school skills like canning and hunting will be of CRUCIAL importance.

The LDS preparedness Manual


Extremely practical advice to prepare for an emergency situation. The book is written with an engaging style – a nice change of pace from the many survival type books that tend to be dry. It has in depth sections on Food storage, water purification and tons of other practical survival/preparedness advice.

Final thoughts

With a little bit of gear and some knowledge, you can secure yourself and your family in times of collapse. If anything, you will be fully prepared and able to handle an extended power outage or other less serious problem. Knowing that you are prepared will instill you with the confidence needed to be a leader – someone who knows what is going on and what to do.

People will look to you for advice and your skills will greatly benefit your group and community. Always learn. Always prepare!


With so many acronyms related to surviving, it’s easy to get confused when you see long strings of seemingly random letters. What do they all mean? More specifically, what about SHTF vs TEOTWAWKI?


SHTF stands for shit hits the fan. You might here people saying things like WTSHTF (when the shit hits the fan.) SHTF represents situations which pose immediate threats to your survival and standard of living. This could mean widespread rioting, power outages, terrorist attacks, nuclear attacks, fires, etc – SHTF basically represents any situation that forces you to make calculated decisions about your next move.


The end of the world as we know it. This differs greatly from an SHTF situation. TEOTWAWKI represents the complete and total annihilation of everything we hold dear to our hearts. Maybe the planet gets sucked into a giant blackhole – or perhaps Earth gets smashed by a giant meteor. Whatever the case, TEOTWAWKI is the end of the human race and perhaps all of life on the planet.


Now you can see these two acronyms mean two completely different things. One of these situations you can prepare for (SHTF) while there is no preparing for the other (TEOTWAWKI.) The odds of getting thrown into a fully blown SHTF situation are much greater than the world ending. Especially as civilization becomes more complex, the machine is more likely to break down and cause disruptions to our standards of living.

Preparing for SHTF

How do you prepare for a fully blown SHTF situation? I have a number of guides to help you. It really comes down to learning the basics of survival and implementing common sense. Read up on the following guides:

Preparing for TEOTWAWKI

There’s nothing to say about this one. The very definition suggests there is nothing to prepare for. Having a solid SHTF plan isn’t going to do much when there’s a giant meteor headed straight for the planet. Perhaps praying will bring you solace in the face of your inevitable destruction.

Hopefully you have lived a good life and were good to others.

Final thoughts

Now you have a proper definition of these two commonly used survival acronyms. There seems to be new ones popping up all the time. It’s not too important to stay up up to date on definitions – it’s much better to start prepping and educate yourself about what it takes to survive.

Until next time.

Guide To Doomsday Prepping


Full system meltdown. Complete and total chaos. DOOMSDAY has arrived. Do you sit and piddle your pants or do you go forward knowing you’ve done the proper doomsday prepping? In this guide I’m going to show you exactly how to prepare for a complete doomsday meltdown.

Doomsday prepping basics

First off, let’s define what a doomsday situation looks like. To me, doomsday is the complete annihilation of the planet. It’s the destruction of mankind and everything we hold dear to our hearts. In my mind, there is no preparing for doomsday because by definition, the level of destruction is so ultimate it’s impossible to prepare for.

But what about other situations? I’m talking about wide spread power outages, riots, famines, financial depressions, nuclear attacks etc. These are situations you can prepare for while you are living in a relatively calm and chaos-free environment.

Since we’re talking about survival there are 4 things we need to cover:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Protection


Everything the body needs
Everything the body needs


Let’s crack straight into the good stuff. What happens when the food trucks stop running? What happens when total chaos descends upon the land? What happens when the grid goes down? You must have a decent supply of food to cushion the blow of these temporary or permanent inconveniences. 3o days worth of food for you and each member of your family MINIMUM. Here are some ideas:

  • Bags of rice (the big ones)
  • Bags of dried beans (the big ones)
  • Canned meats
  • Canned fruits
  • Canned vegetables
  • Salt and seasonings
  • Powdered drink mixes
  • Vitamins

Think about foods that don’t need refrigeration. When the grid goes down you’re not going to have any place to store perishable food items. Even with a generator there is only so much gas before it putters out completely. Dried foods can be stored indefinitely and will not spoil.




Water is the most important resource for the physical body. Without water you will die. It’s that simple. Your survival is hinged on your ability to secure clean drinking water. Water can be purchased in 5 gallon containers and stowed away for easy access when you need it. Go to your local Walmart or other store and snatch up bottled water too. Store the water in your basement or basically anywhere in your house or apartment.

When TSHTF this stuff will be absolute gold. Also, your going to want to snatch up a pump action water filter or purification device. If you ever run out of water you will have to obtain water from dubious sources. These places could be local ponds, rivers, streams, lakes etc. The water here is probably ripe with bacteria and pathogens from years of human pollution and waste.

You can make this water safe to drink by filtering out the impurities with a water filter. Any decent filter will do. Products like the Life Straw are cheap and effective. Grab one for yourself and one for each family member.

In addition, a pump action water filter can filter water very fast and fill up large containers for storage. Also snatch up some water purification tablets. The name of the game is diversification. If something happens to one piece of gear you always have something else to get the job done.


This is probably your home or your apartment. Depending on where you live you may have to bug out as they say. Especially in the city, there is more of a chance that leaving will be the only option. Cities like San Francisco are built right over the San Andreas fault. If that thing decides to crack off aint nobody gonna stick around to wait it out.

What do you do if you have to leave your primary shelter? This is where having a proper bug out bag and SHTF plan comes into play. In your bug out bag you will either have a tent or a tarp you can use to rig up a makeshift shelter. This is what doomsday prepping is all about. Preparing for every possible scenario.

Building an underground shelter – if you have a bit of land you can build an underground shelter using storage or septic containers. This is a relatively affordable way to secure yourself and your family from riots and men who have descended down the evolutionary scale. Violent apes will be on the lookout for houses to loot. They will have a very difficult time even finding your underground shelter. You can wait it out here until normalcy is restored.


AR-15 semi-automatic rifle
AR-15 semi-automatic rifle


Guns and ammo. The more guns the better. The more ammo the better. At least 250 rounds for each weapon you have – more if you have the space and the funds to do so. You have a number of options when it comes to weapons:

Shotgun – perhaps the cheapest and most effective solution. A shotgun can double as a hunting weapon and works well for close range self defense. A truly jack of all trades weapon. Aim and blast. Aim and blast.

Semi-auto rifle – A semi auto rifle is a rifle that loads the chamber each time you pull the trigger. In other words, you don’t have to manually reload the thing when you’re in the middle of a fierce fire fight. The standard for semi-auto rifles is the AR-15. The AR-15 is praised highly and one of the best assault rifles you can get your hands on. Try to pick one up before the lib tards ban them completely.

Pistol – versatile and portable. A decent pistol will serve you well. keep one by your nightstand at all times and holstered on your belt in times of chaos or SHTF situations. A 9mm, .40, or a .45 will get the job done.

Don’t be afraid of protecting your family if it comes down to doing so. There are a lot of limp wristed people walking around trying to get guns banned. Yeah, good luck with that one buddy. Nothings going to get in the way of me and my doomsday prepping!

Doomsday prepping gear list

Here’s a list of items you would be wise to pick up ASAP, in addition to the items above.

Final thoughts and advice

Doomsday prepping is an always evolving journey of education. Read up on prepping and stay informed about current events. You don’t, however, have to go all tin foiled hat mode. Many preppers take their preps too far and are very difficult to relate to. Do your preps, gather the gear and supplies you need and then set your mind at peace. Life is too short to be in a constant state of fear.