8 Paracord Ideas For Survival/SHTF Situation

You’ve done the research and assembled one hell of a bug out bag according to expert bloggers. Pack paracord they say. It will come in HANDY they say. I had to do quite a bit of research before I understood why I actually needed any paracord at all. In this post I have assembled 8 practical examples of what you can use your paracord for in a survival situation.

Shelter – This is a big one so I put it at the top of the list. With only a tarp and some paracord you can fashion yourself a nice shelter from the elements. Forget about lugging around a heavy tent. Hell, if you really want to go RAMBO you can forget the tarp too and simply forage what you need from the city or wilderness. Don’t, however, expect to find you some decent rope. Pack a good bit of paracord and you can rest soundly at night knowing how prepared you are. There are lots of ways to create shelter with paracord. You can create an A-frame structure by tying the paracord to two supporting pillars (trees, poles etc) and then just throw your tarp over it. Stake off the corners and you’re right as rain.


Bear bags – If you find yourself in bear country don’t forget to bear bag your food. Throw whatever goodies you have in some kind of sack and hoist it high in the air with your paracord. Don’t keep open food containers in your tent unless you want a 3am wake up call from Yogi Bear himself.

Cliff loads – This one is simple. Attach one bit of paracord to a heavy load and use the other end to drag that sucker up a cliff, steep mountain, or other natural or man-made obstruction.

Boot laces – Another timeless tip from my paracord ideas VAULT. If you have boots with metal eyelets it’s only a matter of time before you go to lace things up and the whole lace rips apart. Patch things right up with a good bit of paracord and you’re GOLDEN. This will save you from tromping through the zombie apocalypse with a boot that constantly falls off. Don’t forget to burn shut the other end so the paracord doesn’t unravel.

Swedish fire torch – Take a log and split it into 4 equal pieces. Secure the pieces together at the bottom of the logs with your paracord. Stuff sticks and anything else that will burn inside of the cracks. Light the material and sit back as your Swedish fire torch burns from the inside out. This method of fire making allows for a flat cooking top and is completely self feeding and contained.

Swedish fire torch hard at work


Fishing line – Imagine, you are stranded in the middle of a wilderness DEATH TRAP. All you have is 10 feet of paracord and a river rushing with the worlds FRESHEST salmon. You might be thinking that 10 feet of paracord is not nearly enough to test your fate at the hands of the fishing Gods. But did you know? The inner strands of any 550 cordage can be turned into fishing line with a surprising amount strength. Just 10 feet of paracord can easily turn into 80 feet of line with 50lb test! Lash the inner strands together and put a hook on the other end for a fishing experience straight out of Huckleberry Finn.

Self extraction – steeped deep in an urban DEATH TRAP? All hell breaking loose? Fight for your life and use that paracord to descend down the side of your burning apartment building. But can it hold your weight you ask? It’s called 550 cord for a reason – 550 cord is rated up to 550 pounds. I doubt you’re that fat my friend.

Citizens arrest – Tie up that bandit and question his motives with a good length of paracord. In a SHTF there isn’t going to be anybody to save you. You may find yourself in a group and one of them goes nuts – experiences a mental BREAKDOWN from lack of nutrients and death showing his teeth at every corner. Tie him up and calm him down – or force him out of the group.


You can see that paracord is a truly versatile piece of gear. It’s super light so there’s literally zero excuses not to have any in your pack. Paracord can easily be had on Amazon for cheap. Get some today before shit gets REAL. You don’t want to be scrounging for important gear when all hell breaks loose. You want to grab your gear and go – so don’t forget the paracord my friend!





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