Top 7 Premade Survival Kits Worth Your Money

I’ve discussed in great detail the exact items you need in any survival kit. You have your urban survival kit, you have the wilderness survival kit, and you have a plethora of bug out bag items. These are great resources if you want to manually piece together a good survival kit. However, I realize some of you simply want something you can buy and stash away for a rainy day. For you guys I have assembled a post of 7 premade survival kits available for purchase straight away.

1.) Emergency Zone 840 Survival Kit


The most comprehensive kit on this list. The Emergency Zone 840 contains everything you would need in a survival kit with spare room to add your own gear. This survival kit comes with the following items:

  • 118 piece first aid kit
  • Weather protection (2x reflective sleeping bags, 2x emergency poncho, 1x tube tent, 2x hand warmers.)
  • Food and water (2x 3600 cal food bars, 12x 4.2 ounce water pouch.)
  • Water purification (1x folding 1L water container, 5x water purification powder, 1x water purification instruction sheet.)
  • Hygeine kit (2x toothbrushes, 2x toothpaste, 1x comb, 1x razor, 1x shampoo, 1x soap bar, 2x feminine pad, 1x washcloth, 1x toilet paper roll.)
  • Tools (2x glow sticks, 1x survival whistle, 1x 50 ft rope, 1x duct tape, 1x work gloves, 1x multi-tool, 1x playing cards, 1x can opener.)
  • Emergency preparedness guidebook (48 page guidebook, pencil, weatherproof zip bag.)
  • Light (radio/flashlight)

This is a great kit for someone who does not want to spend their time hunting and pecking around for the right gear. I will say, the bag the kit comes in is somewhat low quality. I can’t see it holding up long with heavy use especially in regards to the zippers and straps. This is easily remedied by purchasing a higher quality pack. I’m a big fan of the 5.11 Rush 72. The contents of the survival kit are all high quality stuff and you will find them extremely useful in a survival situation.

Overall I’d say this kit can be fairly well rounded with a few gear additions. I found it a little strange there is nothing in this kit to start a fire with. At the very least throw in a couple BIC lighters and waterproof matches into a plastic bag. I would also say adding a bottle of Ibuprofen into the first aid kit is a great idea.

2.) Ready America Deluxe 4 Person Emergency Kit


Another great survival kit packed with essential items to weather any emergency. Once again, the included backpack in this kit is subpar but everything else is good to go. I still have gripes with this kit however. I don’t think it includes nearly enough food and water to sustain 4 people as advertised. Certainly add more food and water into the kit and get the contents into a bag that isn’t going to bust on you immediately.

  • (4) Food Bars (2400 Calorie)*
  • (4) Boxes of Water (1 Liter) *
  • (4) Emergency Ponchos
  • (4) Survival Blankets
  • (1) Emergency Power Station: Flashlight/AM-FM Radio/Siren/ Cell Phone Charger
  • (1) Duct Tape (10 yards)
  • (1) Multi-Function Pocket Tool
  • (1) First-Aid Kit (107 piece)
  • (4) Emergency Lightsticks (12-hr)
  • (8) 10” Nitrile Gloves
  • (4) Safety Goggles
  • (4) Niosh N-95 Dust Mask
  • (4) Pocket Tissue Packs
  • (1) Pair of Leather Gloves
  • (1) Emergency Whistle
  • (12)Pre-Moistened Towelettes
  • (3) Bio-Hazard Bags
  • (1) Backpack

3.) 4 Person Deluxe Duffel Survival Kit


This is a truly comprehensive kit great for a family. The contents of the kit feature a wide range of essential survival items. This is a heavy kit not made for bugging out but bugging in. It’s a kit you stash away and only take during an emergency bug in situation. Check it out on Amazon for a full list of contents.

4.) Deluxe Earthquake Honey Bucket Kit


This is more of a kit designed for earthquakes but it could easily be useful in many survival situations. It has gear not found in the other kits like a pry-bar, utility knife, water shutoff tool, face masks, and matches. It also comes in a sturdy bucket making it safe to stash away in the more dark and damp areas of your house. Check it out here.

5.) The Small Commuter Survival Kit


One of the cheapest and smallest kits on this list but still manages to pack a punch as a great kit for the car. Great for the kids or even for yourself as personal survival kit on the road. This small commuter kit contains the following items.

  • 2400 Calorie Mayday food bar and 6 pouches of Mayday water
  • Flash light, Light Stick, Emergency Whistle
  • Mayday Survival Blanket, Emergency Poncho, N-95 Mask Particulate Respirator
  • Basic 37 Piece First Aid Kit

6.) The Mountain House Just In Case Bucket

Mountain house makes great go bag goodies convenient storage buckets.

Not exactly a full fledged survival kit but a great long term survival food option. And if you’ve never eaten a Mountain House meal before you are in for a treat – They’ve long been the staple of hikers and backpackers everywhere for their tasty meals and long lasting kits. Their kits are guaranteed up to 30 years and come in an extremely durable bucket. This kit comes with a number of tasty meal pouches.

7.) Premade 250 Piece First Aid Kit


Last but not least we have a comprehensive first aid kit. The ones included in the above survival kits are great but they’re lacking some crucial items. This first aid kit also comes in a sturdy plastic shell protecting it from the elements wherever you want to store it.


Purchase one of these kits and give yourself the peace of mind knowing you’re prepared. Anything can happen at anytime and you certainly don’t want to be caught with your pants down when TSHTF. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about these premade kits.



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