Top 8 Prepper Forums and Resources

If you’re looking to open up a discussion about prepping there is no better place to turn to than a forum. A forum brings together like minded people who also have a wealth of knowledge to share. In the prepping community there’s a lot of blogs out there providing very little substance. This is why I turn to forums when I need serious answers to serious questions about my preps. Here’s a short list of some of the best prepper related forums out there. Choose one of them and see how you like the community.

1.) Prepper Forums is the largest online prepper forum on the internet as we speak. There are thousands of threads to go through with an active community posting daily questions. To date there are over 500,000 posts and many of them contain absolute nuggets of knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. With large forums you tend to see many posts go unanswered but that is not the case here. This is the place to go if you’re a new prepper and have questions.

2.) Survivalist Boards

Survivalist Boards is the largest survival/prepping community with well over 8 million posts. Needless to say these guys have been around the block and have attracted some seriously hardcore members you won’t find elsewhere. Topics range from wilderness survival, prepping, urban survival, weapons, fishing, and a thriving general discussion section.

3.) Prepared Society

Prepared Society is another forum dedicated to all things survival and prepping. They have a ton of topics and a ton of posts and active members. Besides prepping and survival they have entire sections dedicated to woodworking and other sub categories relating to prepping and survival. If you’re into homesteading they cater to those needs too. This is the place to go if you have questions about many topics and want an answer.

4.) Survival Threads

This forum is a smaller community from the guys over at more than just surviving. While maybe not as active as the other forums there is still some good info with knowledgeable members. If you want a more personal forum where you can get to know the members this is the one. There’s something about tight knit smaller communities you can’t anywhere else.

5.) Equipped To Survive Forums

Doug Ritter runs a website where he reviews gear and products related to prepping and survival. He has also managed to carve a decent prepper forum over the years he has been writing. Probably the least active forum on this list but you will probably get a direct answer from Doug himself. Another great thing about smaller forums is the personal attention from the pros.

6.) Doomsday Prepper Forums

Do you have your tin hat locked, cocked, and ready to rock? The Doomsday Prepper Forums to browse when looking for information about people prepping for the ULTIMATE disasters. Sure, the members might go into tin hat land from time to time but lot’s of the information is sound. A total of 49 posts were made today on the forum so it is indeed somewhat active to this day.

7.) American Preppers Network

The American Preppers Network is a no nonsense website completely dedicated to discussing survival and prepping. This is another large forum averaging over 4000 posts a day on a variety of subjects sure to get you learned. Out of all these forums I would say American Preppers Network is more about prepping than anything else. There are some hardcore guys over there that think about the prep day in and day out. While I don’t suggest you follow in their footsteps, you can learn a thing or two along the way.

8. The Ar-15 Forums

Lastly I wanted to include a forum that isn’t exactly related to prepping but somewhere the topic still comes up. The Ar-15 forums are a massive resource to learn anything about the Ar-15. There’s a lot of posts on tactical training which can easily be applied to prepping. This is a great forum to belong to especially if you own an Ar-15 and are using it as your main SHTF weapon.


Finding the right prepper forum for you might take some time. Sometimes you simply don’t like the community/discussions and are forced to hop to the next one. The thing is, when you find the right one it’s the best because you are tapped into many people who have answers to the questions you have. I’ve been involved in forums for many years and still prefer them to modern social media channels like Facebook. In fact, you will find many preppers prefer the forum as well because they are older and they grew up on forums and old school bulletin boards.

Good luck on your forum hunt and leave a comment if you’ve found any not on this list!

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