Should Preppers Be Soiling Themselves Over North Korea?

As an active member of the prepper community I see the best and the worst. For the most part, people are concerned about only a number of things, mainly how much food and ammo they need, the best weapon for SHTF, and what they need in a bug out bag. 

Recently however the paranoid prepper types have been coming out of the woodworks. Preppers are concerned because our local neighborhood dictator over in North Korea has been continuously developing their ICBM program and has threatened to conduct a test launch in the waters outside Guam. Guam of course being inside U.S. territory. This of COURSE would be an act of war and Trump has been hard and firm with North Korea about the situation.

That being the case, do preppers really need to be crapping their pants about nuclear war with North Korea? Let’s examine what would happen if North Korea decided to attack the U.S. with nukes. This assumes NK actually has the technology to send an armed ICBM warhead to the mainland.

The first thing North Korea does once they decide to attack…

If NK decides to send nukes our way they will first demolish South Korea taking out any U.S. troops and artillery in the area. This sucks bad for them and it’s unlikely too many will survive.

This will be followed by a rain of hell fire from the United States North Korea has never seen. The U.S. will completely demolish North Korea in the event of a full scale attack and reduce the population to sticks and stones.

But what about Chynnnna?

You see, this is why China will never have NK’s back. They will never approve of an NK attack on the United States. Why? Where do you think all those damn immigrants are going to go once the U.S. displaces the population with a reign of missiles and troops?

We saw what happened in Europe with the immigrants…a complete and utter cluster fuck. This is the last thing China wants.

Long story short…

Long story short there’s a good chance your little town in Arkansas is going to be just fine in the wake of nuclear war. North Korea is all talk and no game. Sure, they have some decent technology but they are poor as hell and impoverished as a nation. This would be the first war in a very long time where EVERYBODY would be on board and it wouldn’t be a happy day for NK…that’s for sure.

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