8 Things To Remember When Prepping For SHTF

Turn on the news for only a second and you quickly realize the insanity of todays modern world. Well, with the recent Vegas shootings and all the other madness it makes one think about your future and how to stay safe in uncertain times. It’s easy to lose sight of the overall point of prepping for an SHTF situation when the world seems hopeless. Fear not however, in this post we will set things straight and get down to the nuts and bolts of what it takes to prep for an SHTF event.

1.) You are living in the safest of times

If you live in the first world pat yourself on the back and remind yourself that you live in the SAFEST of times. Looking back on history you should be very thankful for your present situation. If you’re 50 years and younger there’s a good chance you’ve never been to war and have always had access to clean drinking water and food. With all the madness on TV about active shooters and other things, it’s easy to lose sight of this fact. Repeat after me: “I live in the safest of times.”

2.) Focus on the basics first

If you’re starting from zero there’s no need to become overwhelmed with all the things you need to have. It’s true, having all the right SHTF gear will certainly help you but don’t think you need to acquire everything at once. Start small and work your way up. Even the dollar store has some great items you can pick up. Many people have even put together an entire individual first aid kit by shopping at the dollar store. At the bare minimum focus on having a weeks worth of food and water stocked up at any time. From there you can start to branch out and put together things like bug out bags. 

3.) You are programmed to survive

If you think about it you are here because you come from a long line of people who survived. Many generations of your ancestors were roaming the earth long before you were born. Your ancestors by nature had to be strong willed to survive. You can be sure these same genetics run through your blood as well. You were born to survive so do not fear the future or your capability to survive.

4.) Camping and hiking is a great way to prep

Outdoor activities like camping and hiking provide a fun way to learn many skills that will benefit you in an SHTF scenario. 

You will gain endurance and get in shape from hiking. You will learn to setup camp and build fire. You’ll learn how to setup a shtf tent. Not only this but you will acclimate yourself to being uncomfortable. Seasoned hikers and campers know that the environment can at times be very uncomfortable. The more you expose yourself to this kind of environment the more you can handle being in uncomfortable situations.

5.) Your fitness level plays a key role

SHTF is not the time to begin getting in shape and developing healthy habits. That time is NOW. Assess your current level of fitness and start getting daily exercise. This can be as simple as a walk around the block or a light jog. Eat less meat and more veggies and drink lots of water. Cut the processed foods. The thing is, being out of shape puts you at a serious risk of illness or worse in an SHTF situation. Start today!

6.) SHTF is a team effort

You might want to rethink about going lone wolf.

Having a supportive structure of people around will benefit you greatly and maximize your chances of survival. Everyone has a different set of skills they can bring to the table. Get to know the people in your community and don’t be afraid to start a discussion about prepping. Some people might not be into it while others will listen with an open mind.

7.) The time to begin prepping is NOW

The time to begin prepping for SHTF is now. Not tomorrow and not the next day. You don’t know when it can really hit the fan and you certainly don’t want to be unprepared for an event. Take stock of likely SHTF scenarios in your region and begin prepping accordingly. Like I mentioned earlier, start small but whatever you do…start today! You’ll be surprised at how small preps add up over time.

8.) Don’t worry

Whatever you do, don’t spend your days worrying about doomsday or otherwise ruminate on SHTF. It might never even happen despite what the doomsday fanatics say. Get your preps in order and be done with it. There is life to live and life to enjoy. Do NOT spend your whole life wasting your time thinking of negative thoughts and fearing the future. Ain’t NOBODY got time for that!

Thanks for reading.


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