The 10 Most Common SHTF Scenarios and How To Survive

SHTF can strike at a moments notice. Wherever you are, there is a plethora of disastrous possibilities lurking around the corner. In this post we’re going to cover a few of the most common SHTF scenarios and outline a blueprint for survival. Don’t get caught with your pants down!

1.) Financial Ruin

Not the most glamorous SHTF scenario but a common one nonetheless. Most everybody will experience a time when cash is tight, or they experience an injury and must pay medical bills. Added expenses are unforeseen and can throw you into a financial crisis. Preparation for these times is a simple formula of making as much money as possible and putting any extra you have into a rainy day savings account. I know some of you work very hard for little pay but see where it’s possible to expand your skillset to make more. Everyone is capable of learning new skills and either starting a business or becoming more valuable in the workplace.

2.) Power Outages

Power outages are very common even in the first world. I usually experience them twice a year and I live in a very developed part of the country. Especially if you live out in the wilderness, having a generator and enough supplies to see you through an outage is crucial. With a generator you can keep the fridge running and power smaller appliances like a couple lights. Ensuring you have flashlights and all the essentials like food and water is also crucial.

3.) Fires

Those of you living on the west coast of the United States undoubtedly understand the dangers of local fires. Many people this year had to evacuate their homes and many lost their homes all together. If you’re a homeowner ensure you have at least a 100 foot of clearance around your house. If there is a fire in your area pay close attention to your emergency response channels using an emergency radio or a police/fire scanner. Have your valuables ready to go at a moments notice and stock your bug out vehicle with essential survival gear like bottled water, a medical kit, and all the other pieces of SHTF gear.

4.) Natural Disasters

Similar to FIRE, many SHTF scenarious take the form of natural disasters. This year we’ve seen an abundance of hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and tornados. Prepping for these natural disasters is crucial to your survival. First, take stock of the most likely event in your location. Depending on your region you could be vulnerable to a number of catastrophic natural disasters, or perhaps not. Whatever the case, have a bug out plan ready to go to get you to a secondary location and be sure to have a proper bug out bag. Remember this – food, water, and shelter are your main concerns. Cover these bases and you’re good to go. Prepping is not that difficult or complex if you simply understand what the human body needs to survive.

5.) Civil Unrest

We’ve seen civil protests turn violent all over the nation. Do you live in a progressive city where these types of protests take place? The most important thing to focus on during riots and other periods of violence is your physical safety. Look into getting some form of self defense weapon and training. If anything, a can of pepper spray in your car can protect you if you get attacked. Make sure your home/apartment is well fortified from looters and have a well thought out escape plan and a second bug out location. Typically these types of things are dealt with by local law enforcement very quickly, but they can be deadly if you’re caught in the middle of the crossfire.

6.) Economic Collapse

This is similar to a personal economic collapse except on a larger scale. Economic collapse means many business’ go under and most employees get fired from a once lucrative job. When you can’t find work, what do you do? Self sufficiency is key here. IF you have family, everybody should pull their resources together and support one another. Learn to grow your own food and brush up on the many skills our great ancestors once relied on to survive back in the days.

7.) Nuclear War

North Korea, enough said. As they develop their nuclear program we slowly inch closer and closer to nuclear war? Will it actually happen and should preppers be worried? 

My first prep would be moving away from the major cities as these spots will be first on the target list. Depending on where you are survival could be a limited option based on your proximity to the blast. Short of building a fallout shelter surviving a nuke will prove difficult on ground zero, although it’s not unheard of. 

8.) Terrorism

Terrorist attacks are typically carried out by foreign adversaries but domestic terror attacks are not unheard of, especially in the case of the Unabomber and the many shootings we see across the nation. Preparing for these  can range from carrying a concealed weapon to always being extremely vigilant of your surroundings. Be especially vigilant in high risk areas like airports and major cities.

9.) Sickness

Pandemics or simply you or a loved one falling ill. The solution? If you’re currently healthy keep yourself that way. You don’t need to follow any crazy dieting plan either. Cut the sugar,  eat more veggies, and get your exercise. Proper care of your body and mind will lead to a bolstered immune system allowing you to fight off illness and protect your loved ones.

10.) Burglary

Very common for houses to get staked out and burgled by local baddies. These guys can be deterred on the cheap. First, get big dog. Be sure your motion sensor floodlights are BRIGHT and all the potential entryways to your house are well bolstered and secured. You can install an alarm system if you have the money but sticking the sign outside your house can be just as effective. From there, keep valuables locked up in a safe and arm yourself with weapons and ammo. The cocking of a shotgun will have these guys running for the hills in no time.



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