Snugpak Bunker Review | A True Tactical Tent

The Snugpak BUNKER. This is the tent you need to go full blown tactical mode with 2 – 3 people. Snugpak does it again with their ingenious tent designs and drop dead simple setups. Not to mention, the olive green allows anyone to blend in to most wilderness surroundings without being spotted. Gone are the days when you’re forced to use those horrendous brightly colored flys that don’t even keep the rain out! This 4 season tent keeps you high and dry in even the most narliest storms. Let’s dig into this tent and talk about why this bad boy is MILITARY grade.

Specifications and features

  • 2 door
  • 3 man tent
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.75 lbs trail weight
  • 7.74 lbs pack weight
  • Olive green
  • Easy setup
  • Fly first
  • Alloy stakes
  • DAC Featherlite color coded poles
  • Compression sack included
  • Repair Kit included

Full Review

The Snugpak Bunker in full glory mode


Snugpak has once again drawn me into another one of their top notch products. This tent is very similar to the Scorpion 3 I have previously reviewed except with a different design. The bunker sits lower to the ground and shaped in its own unique way. I like the low profile of the bunker and the low height makes this thing damn near impervious to wind and other environmental elements. It is a true 4 season tent able to withstand strong storms. Especially if you have everything staked down with the guy lines firmly in place.



Setup is very similar to both the Snugpak Scorpion 3 and the Ionosphere tents. The tent comes with 3 DAC Featherlite snap poles color coded for each sleeve on the fly. This is a fly first tent meaning you setup the outer layer first before the inner layer. It’s versatile enough you don’t even need the inner layer if it’s warm. Each pole slides through a sleeve and snaps into a heavy duty nylon grommit hole on each end. Once the fly is setup the inner layer attaches to the inside via toggle sticks.


There’s plenty of space in the Snugpak bunker as it’s designed for 3 people. 2 people can live like kings and queens while 3 can work but will be tight. Better for those cold nights when you all can snuggle for warmth. It kind of has a hectagon shape which can make for some interesting sleeping arrangements with a bit of though and experimenting.


The entire packing weight of the Snugpak Bunker is 7.74 lbs. Trail weight comes in at 6.75. Trail weight is usually the weight of the tent without the compression sack, repair kit, or stakes. Overall this would be a difficult tent to pack for a 10 mile hike unless you have a pack mule or enjoy the extra weight. That’s not to say you can’t shove it in a decent 65L backpack or attach it to the externals. It’s just going to be heavier. Don’t let me deter you from a good workout though.

Design elements

A tent with good design is fundamental to experiencing a comfortable night camping. Cheap tents lack the quality and design to provide anything like the Snugpak Bunker. For starters, the bunker includes multiple vents to allow for a proper flow of ventilation. Without good airflow the tent will gather a lot of wet condensation especially with 3 people inside. It can also become very hard to breathe. I absolutely love the fly first design allowing you to quickly establish a dry shelter for your gear before setting up the inner layer.The Fly does a fantastic job keeping out the rain and other natural elements. The inner layer has a reinforced bathtub floor to keep you dry from any water that gets under you. All the seems and stitching are ultra fortified and I have no doubt this puppy is going to last for the long haul even with continued abuse. Finally, the 2 door system makes getting in and out very easy for 3 people – no crawling over one another to get to an exit for a late night bathroom break.


At the time of this writing the Snugpak Bunker is roughly $244 bucks. This is a steal of a deal in my opinion. In fact, I would pay much more for this tent having been through the ringer sleeping other inferior designs. It’s money well spent especially if you’re going to be using it a lot outdoors. I put my gear to the ultimate test and make sure to squeeze every ounce of value out of it I can.


Is the Snugpak Bunker right for you? You can check out the other reviews to see what others have to say. As far as tents go there really isn’t anything else where you’ll find as many raving fans. The Bunker is a top quality tent that will stand the test of time for years to come. Here is to Snugpak for once again releasing an awesome outdoor product.



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