Snugpak Ionosphere Tent Review

In my recent post I wrote about what to look for in a decent SHTF TENT. The Snugpak Ionosphere tent fits the bill for a tent that’s low profile yet provides enough space for you and your pack. This tent is easy to setup and break down and fits into a compact compression pack for easy stowing away inside a backpack.

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications.

Features and specs

  • Low profile
  • Single entry
  • Taped seams
  • 5000mm Polyurethane fly
  • 94.5 x 35.4 x 102.4 inches
  • 3.3 pounds
  • Single man tent
  • Aluminum poles
  • Dome shaped
  • Olive green or coyote tan colors available

Full review


I must say this tent impresses me in many ways having taken it out in many conditions. With the staked design it manages to resist even heavy winds. Note that this is NOT a free standing tent meaning you’ll need to use the stakes. The stakes are high quality and included along with a complete repair kit for the tent. One thing that always concerns me is how much space is inside the tent. I’m 5 foot 11 and this sometimes mean I’m forced to keep my pack outside the tent. Not so with the Snugpak Ionosphere. I was able to comfortably fit me, my sleeping bag, and my backpack all inside.

This tent even stands up to a light rain. While I’m not sure about a full blown down pour, this tent will certainly see you through 3 seasons in light to moderate conditions. Possibly even 4 with a little tarp rigging. One thing that’s nice is the bathtub floor which appears to be ultra reinforced to protect you from wet ground. One thing to note is this is a 2 layer tent. This means there’s an inner mesh layer along with an outer layer that acts as a rain fly. The mesh makes it real nice to use without the rain fly in warmer weather while the fly does a great job at protecting you from rain and wind during storm season.

The inner layer of the tent is complete mesh allowing for a nice flow of ventilation. This means no more waking up covered in a wet pool of your own condensation. This is one of the fundamental problems with a bivvy sack. In fact, the Ionosphere tent is almost like a hybrid bivvy/tent combo which I find great. It’s larger than a bivvy yet smaller than a full size tent which is important when you’re considering weight and how much space there is in your pack. The best of both worlds.

Setup and take down of this tent is drop dead simple. The tent comes with 2 aluminum poles which slide into reinforced sleeves double stitched into the inner layer meshing. The tent is so low profile you don’t have to fuss in the morning when it comes time to tear everything down. Everything fits comfortably in the storage sack which contains straps for really cinching things down. From here you can easily attach the sack to the bottom of your backpack or even shove it down to the bottom of the main compartment. It really is ultra low footprint and unobtrusive considering the ample space it provides.

Overall the pricing on this tent is very reasonable. At the time of this writing you can pick up the Snugpak for about $145 bucks. Check Amazon to get the most up to date prices.


The Snugpak Ionosphere is a great multi purpose tent for many occasions. Perfect for the 3 day backpacking trip, the 1 day backyard bonanza, or even an extensive trip through the PCT or Appalachian Mountains. It’s got great reviews from other people who have used it too. Lot’s of military guys seem to gravitate towards this thing and for good reasons, it’s a solid tent at a good price and will certainly stand the test of time if you take care of it. Pick one up today and test for yourself!

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