Snugpak Jungle Bag Review

Today I’m excited to review possibly my new favorite sleeping bag system. This is the Snugpak Jungle bag and it introduces a number of features to serve you well out in the deep bush or jungle. I’ve spent years in the great outdoors and have become very familiar with other sleep systems. While the Jungle bug may not be practical in colder environments, it’s hard to beat in any weather 40 degrees and up.

Let’s take a look at some of the features.

Features and full review


The first thing I like about the bag is the coyote brown. Going to REI you’ll notice many sleeping bag companies like to use super bright colors. I can see the aesthetic appeal of these bags but if I’m going grey man or incognito mode I don’t want a color that will give away my position. The coyote brown allows you to blend in to many environments.

The outer layer of the Jungle Bag is made of a synthetic material called Paratex. The material is comprised of a micro diamond shell and introduces antimicrobial properties. The outer shell prevents your bag from stinking due to the inevitable build up of mold and bacteria. In wet weather environments like the Jungle this adds a layer of protection from the moisture. Even in dry climates microbes will gather on your pack over time. The outer layer will also wick away moisture and act as a water repellent. One more layer of defense against wet weather elements is never a bad thing. Pair the jungle bag with a tarp or tent and you have yourself a formidable shelter of protection.

Moving to the inner layer you see and feel plush material. It’s very soft and the space between the outer and inner layers has a light layer of insulation called Travel Soft. This material keeps you warm even when wet and does a good job keeping you warm while remaining lightweight.

Where this bag separates itself from the pack is the ingenious mosquito net. Simply crawl into the bag and zip up. The mosquito net is easily zipped from the inside and provides protection from bugs and mosquitoes. In fact, the bag could be used all by itself with no other form of shelter and you’d still be totally protected. The net is a meshed material so of course you can still breathe.

The zippers are designed to be unzipped fully in case you want to use the Jungle Bag as a blanket or an extra layer beneath you. You can even zip 2 Jungle bags together and create one giant sleeping bag for 2 people. I Love how the zippers rarely get caught in the material when you go to get in and out of the bag. Inside the bag is also a zipper pocket you can use as a stash spot for a headlamp or whatever else you can stuff in there.

But what about comfort level? I would say you could use the Jungle bag in 40 degree plus weather. Anything below that and you’ll probably be miserable without ample clothing. However, throw on a couple long johns and you’re good to go. The bag also easily accommodates tall individuals while retaining comfort. I’m 5’10 and have plenty of room left to wiggle around in.

The included stuff sack is also extremely high quality and durable.

Final Thoughts

I’ll wrap this up this review by saying the Snugpak Jungle Bag is a great bag with plenty of unique features that make it easy to bust out the wallet. It’s lightweight but packed with solid thermal technology to keep you warm. The mosquito net is a no brainer as well. I love the Jungle Bag and I encourage you to check it out for yourself.


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