Snugpak Scorpion 3 Tent Review

Rarely do I come across a decent 3 man SHTF tent that can withstand all 4 seasons. If I do the tents are unreasonably heavy and nearly impossible to take in a backpack or easily transport. I’ve had experience with the Snugpak Ionosphere 1 man tent and looked forward to testing the Scorpion 3 in rougher conditions. I needed something high quality to serve as long term shelter solution out in the wild. The Scorpion 3 fits the bill.

Features and Specs

  • 3 man tent
  • Fly first design
  • Olive green
  • 5000mm polyurethane rain fly
  • 190t Nylon with polyester mesh for inner layer
  • Well vented (3 vents total)
  • Reinforced bathtub flooring so you don’t get wet
  • 17 x 8.3 x 1 inches
  • 6.44 lbs (trail weight)
  • Repair kit included

Full review


What first drew me to this tent was the fact that it’s a 4 season tent for well under $400 dollars. In fact, $400 dollars for a 4 season tent is considered getting a very good deal. From there I began looking at the features and other reviews of what other people thought. So far it’s received nothing but great praise from other people who have put the Scorpion 3 to the test. My second favorite element about the Scorpion 3 is the versatile design. Both the fly and the inner element of the tent can be used together or separate. In the summer months you can opt to simply use the fly if bugs are not an issue. In the winter using the 2 elements together provides ample protection against the environment even in the stormiest conditions.



Setup is quite easy. As I’ve mentioned,this is a fly first design so you can setup the fly and then have a dry place to connect the inner mesh layer if you want. The fly is setup with traditional aluminum poles that snap together quite easily. There are 3 poles in total which slide into their corresponding color coded sleeves on the fly. Once the fly is setup there are hooks where the inner mesh layer attaches. Overall setup time ranges from 5 – 15 minutes. You can save time by simply leaving the inner mesh attached when you break down the Scorpion 2.


As far as space goes I will say that what holds true for other tents holds true here. While advertised as a 3 man tent you will probably only fit 2 comfortably. You can theoretically fit 3 people inside but it’s going to be cramped especially if you require room for everyone’s gear. 2 people however will have zero problems with space and there will be plenty of room for everything.


The trail weight of the Scorpion 3 is 6.44 lbs. Trail weight refers to the weight of the raw materials needed to setup the tent. Trail weight only takes into account the total weight of the fly, inner mesh, and poles. Essentially just the bare essentials to make the shelter not including the stuff sack, repair kit, and other accessories that might come with the tent. 6.44 lbs is a bit on the heavy side if you plan on trucking this thing on your back for 10 miles but well worth it considering the quality and space.

Design elements

Attaching the inner mesh to the fly


There’s a lot of great design features of the Scorpion 3. As I mentioned, the versatility of being able to set the tent up with either the rain fly or the inner mesh is fantastic. This feature boasts a number of practical benefits when you consider the environment your setting up at. The “fly first” design makes setting up in the rain an easy and comfortable thing to do. The front door and vestibule provides a large space to crawl through with a subtle tapering that narrows towards the back. Very easy to get in and out of. The vestibule flaps also conveniently fold up and can be tucked away in their own little pocket. All the materials appear to be very high quality and I have no doubt will last many many seasons even with heavy use.


At the time of this writing the Scorpion 3 is retailing at $250 bucks on Amazon. Once again this is a steal of a deal for a 4 season tent for this much space. Considering the quality of design and the many other features this is an investment that will last a very long time even if you frequently camp. I put my gear through the ringer and I have no doubt this is one piece of gear I will own for a while.


The Scorpion 3 is a fantastic tent for the value and Snugpak is quickly becoming the leading heavyweight for high quality tents. I can’t wait to test out more of their products in the future.

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