How To Choose A Survival Backpack

When the SHTF the first thing most of us will do is bug out. In my case, I don’t have a car AND I live in a major city. This means I will have to rely on my wits and my survival backpack to make it to safety. There’s  ton of options for backpacks out there. Hell, you might even have an old Jansport laying around that can do the trick. I wouldn’t recommend it however. There’s  lot of aspects about your survival backpack which must be considered.

Let’s take a look at a number of these.

Survival Backpack Crucial Considerations

Storage – The most important part of your backpack is the storage capacity. Can it stow all of the gear you need to survive a fully blown SHTF situation? At the bottom you’ll find a list of important gear you need. At the bare minimum you need at least 30L of storage space to store the basics.

Construction – Is the backpack going to fall apart on you as soon as SHTF. You might be thinking about cheaping out on of those Walmart packs but rest assured, they’re gonna come straight apart as soon as you do anything serious with it. As an avid hiker I’ve put my fair share of packs through the wringer. The cheap ones never last while my 5.11 72 hour bag has withstood the test of time. Nylon is strong and won’t rip apart if you snag it on barbed wire. Synthetic material is lighter but can’t handle the rigors of life.

Appearance – When the monkeys start looting in the streets you don’t want a bag that paints  a red flag on you saying “Hey, Loot’s over here!” Those fancy packs from REI might look cool but you’ll quickly become a target for an opportunistic ape. Going gray man is the way to go. Avoid bright colors and don’t buy a backpack that makes you look like daddy’s little trust fund baby who’s setting off to backpack around Europe.

Load bearing – if you’re going for a full load out a backpack with a hip belt is a must. The hip belt takes a good portion of the load off your shoulders and places it on your hips where you have more strength.

Comfort – Your survival backpack should be well padded in all the areas that count. This means the shoulder straps, back padding, and hip belt if the backpack comes with one.

Best survival backpack

The 5.11 Rush 72 Hour Tactical Pack

I’ve used and reviewed many survival backpacks. While all have their merits, the 5.11 rush 72 always comes out on top. It’s the perfect size, extremely durable, completely incognito, and well padded. The 5.11 Rush also has the most versatile storage options I’ve seen on a survival backpack. It’s a great a hybrid pack coming with the durability of a military ruck sack while looking completely civilian. This is the pack you want if you need to stay under the radar.

I’ve written a full review of the 5.11 Rush right here.

Survival backpack gear list

Once you’ve purchased the right backpack it’s time to throw some survival gear in there. Here’s a basic list of things you need.

Thanks for reading.

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