Survival Cave Foods Review

On the blog I’ve reviewed many long term food storage companies. Companies like Wise Foods and Mountain House provide excellent meals. These meals are great if you simply want a ready to eat meal in a pouch. But what if you have your own goodies on the side? What I like about Survival Cave is their bulk meats. No extra fluff. No sides. They simply have a ton of canned meats ready to pop open, heat, and combine with whatever veggies you got growing outside.

When prepping for SHTF or any disaster it’s crucial to have a stash of ready to eat meals. If the power blows it’s only a matter of time before everything perishes including your meats. If you don’t have a ready supply of long term food stored up there’s a good chance you and your family won’t make it, especially if the food trucks have stopped running and the grocery stores have been wiped out.

Survival Cave foods have a 25 year shelf life on all of their products. This includes the chicken, beef, pork, turkey, and ground beef cans. All the meat has been cooked in its own juices with no spices or additives added in to the cans. This allows you to spice the meat up as you please.

The meat is also the real deal. When you open up the cans you can see the chunks of beef along with the fat. It looks like something you would see in a homemade beef stew. The fat of course melts off and adds to the taste when fully cooked. This means you’re getting the best meat with zero processing. In fact, all the Survival Cave meats are USDA approved and humanely processed with absolutely zero mechanical separation. Each cut of meat is inspected for gristle and only the best of the best gets put in the can.  You’ll know this is true when you put it to the taste test.

A lot of beef for a rainy day!


Opening up the chicken and turkey cans you can easily see the natural broth and juices getting soaked straight into the meat. This makes for very tasty survival food, especially food coming out of a can.

Now, it should be noted that the meat is ready to eat straight out of the can. You can eat it straight out of the can if you want although the meat tastes much better when heated. However, in a survival situation it might not be possible to cook so it’s good to have these types of ready to eat foods on hand.

The canning process is state of the art. Survival Cave starts with real cuts of meat and then air seals them inside the can. The can then goes through a heating process where all remaining bacteria is killed. This allows the meat to be stored indefinitely up to 25 years. That’s a long time and something most canned foods can’t compete with (well, maybe except for SPAM!)

The cans will either come in 28 or 14 ounces. They have purchasing options ranging from a few cans of all the varieties or you can purchase an entire pallets worth! 


Investing in survival food is one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make. Maybe you know what it’s like to go hungry. Maybe you have been without power AND food and know the feeling of doom that washes over you as you think about the future. Getting your food preps in order is one of the first things that needs to be done as a new prepper. Everything else takes a back seat until you have enough food and water stored to feed you and your family. Survival Cave foods produces a great product, and best of all, tasty as all get out! Don’t get suckered into buying a canned food that might as well be dog food. Go for the real deal and you won’t be disappointed.

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