Top 5 Best Survival Guide Books

Are you armed with the knowledge required to survive a survival situation? Is it possible to download the best survival tips, tactics, and techniques into your brain? Books are still the GOTO source for the deepest level of information – survival is no exception. Let’s crack into the best survival guide books out there.

The following list is NON-FICTION. These books provide real world survival strategies to get your ass out of any jam.

SAS Survival Handbook


Let’s get this one out of the way first because you’re probably tired of seeing it listed. SAS Survival Handbook remains the DEFACTO STANDARD for survival. John “Lofty” Wiseman was a survival expert who spent years training the British Special Air Forces as well as the Green Berets. At 18 he was the youngest candidate ever to be accepted into the British Special Air Services (SAS.) Suffice to say that this guy knows his shit when it comes to survival. The third edition of his book includes all the basic survival stuff including additional knowledge nuggets like urban survival and terrorist attacks. It’s a no brainer and should be on your shelf if it’s not already.

Wilderness Survival


Wilderness Survival is written by a USAF survival and escape specialist. This book is awesome because the author stresses the importance of staying calm. He outlines a few powerful psychological techniques to stay calm and assess the situation properly. This is an often overlooked aspect of survival that doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. The book is extremely practical for any kind of wilderness survival situation.

The Preppers Long-Term Survival Guide


This book isn’t your typical survival book. The author isn’t so much concerned with short term survival, but with long term sustainable living in the wake of devastating disaster. This 240 page guide is a preppers wet dream and covers everything from sustainable food storage, defense, and even how to rebuild a whole society from the ground up. Awesome stuff here.

Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual


I had a blast reading this book. Hawke takes a casual and slightly humorous approach to his writing which makes the content extremely consumable. But don’t let me lead you into thinking this book is for clowns. Hawke is a seasoned survivalist with an impressive background as a Green Beret combat veteran. The book is jammed with actionable survival strategies even a third grader could understand. This is easily the most amusing read on survival, a nice change of pace considering how dry many survival books tend to be.



Bushcraft is the art of using the environment around you to sustain life. This book by Mors Kochanski is the cleanest most detailed book on the matter. It’s bursting with practical advice and filled with beautiful diagrams that detail how to make everything. Mors covers shelter building, rope making, making fire and tools, cooking, and a host of other survival tasks. Get this book for the images alone.


Don’t wait until you’re forced into a survival situation to learn this stuff. Grab at least a couple of these books to get yourself started. Get out there and practice what you read and always continue to educate and test your skills. Happy reading!

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