Core Principles and Gear Inside The Preppers Kit

So you want to put together a preppers kit in case SHTF? You’ve seen the madness this world is capable of. You’ve seen first hand the man made and natural disasters of the world. When you go to the store you observe the human zoo knowing full well any one of these chimps can break down at a moments notice. An EMP blast can send us straight back to the stone age. How do you prepare for these things?

Putting together a basic preppers kit is a good start. But how does one go about putting together a kit capable of blasting through the madness and seeing yourself through to survival?

First, it helps to understand the core principles of what goes into the kit.

The blueprint of survival…

The human body needs food, water, and shelter to survive. Without these elements in place the body begins to atrophy and death quickly follows.

Water is of course an essential element in any kit. You should be stocking 5 gallon drums of water in your home. On top of this you need something in your kit to purify water should you run out of your stockpile. A water filter like the Sawyer Squeeze can purify 100,000 gallons of water. This is great for a single person. Do you have a family? A larger water filter like the Big Berkey provides clean water from any source to your entire family. Go ahead and use that pond or river water. Even if you live in the City you can find dubious sources of water easily made clean by water filtering products.

Food is the next on the list. Now, when focusing on long term food storage think about foods that keep a long shelf life. You can get long term food storage kits for fairly cheap and they last up to 25 years. Cheaper options include rice, beans, and grains. These are staple foods providing your body with the carbs and proteins required to sustain your survival. Make sure you have a good stock pile of food because chances are you’re a lousy hunter. Luckily, most SHTF scenarios¬†will be over fairly quickly.

Shelter. Chances are you have a home. This home is your first line of defense against the chimps. You know, the apes who will take to the streets and plunder and pillage anything in sight. Even in safe times there’s the off chance of getting burgled. Learn about cheap ways to fortify your home. In a bug out situation consider packing a solid SHTF tent.

It is true that in extreme conditions a lack of shelter will kill you faster than a lack of food and water. Shelter not only protects you from the elements but protects you against the shit slinging chimps who have reverted back to their primal modes of being.

A list of goodies…

  • A good knife
  • fire kit (matches, lighters, ferrocerium rod)
  • Spices (salt, pepper, etc)
  • Water filter
  • Water containers
  • Cooking supplies (pots, pans, basic stuff)
  • Paracord
  • Bug out bag
  • IFAK (individual first aid kit)
  • Generator
  • Gasoline
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, games (Why not have a little fun?)
  • Propane powered stove top
  • Propane
  • Emergency radio
  • Essential oils
  • Hygiene kits (Shampoo, toothpaste, chapstick, sunscreen, feminine products, etc)
  • Duct tape
  • Boots
  • Proper clothing
  • Good attitude

With these basic provisions in place you now have yourself a solid preppers kit to work with. Beyond the kit itself it’s crucial to assess your skills and hone anything that needs sharpening. It’s one thing to have all of this stuff and another to know how to use everything and why. I recommend picking up books on both survival and bushcrafting. Work on your skills everyday knowing you just might have to use them one day.

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