The SHTF Lone Wolf

When SHTF you might be thinking about going Lone Wolf. Is this a good idea? Sometimes it might be easier to grab the shotty and blast your way through the madness with nobody to slow you down. You live and die on your own. Hey, it worked for Denzel Washington in the Book of Eli right? While your mission might not be as noble, the logistics of going lone wolf could be in your favor.

Let’s crack into a few of the key advantages and disadvantages of going lone wolf.

Advantages of going lone wolf

Speed Р Going lone wolf has a number of significant advantages. The first is speed. You can get the hell out of dodge as fast as you possibly can without worrying about stragglers. I for one hate having to wait for people on hikes. The hike always takes hours longer than it has to because of slow, out of shape hikers. You can easily blast through a situation at your own pace.

Stealth – Going solo gives you a clear advantage when it comes to concealing your location or staying hidden. Less people means less of a footprint. Less people making noise, less people stepping on crunchy leaves, less people who don’t know how to stay hidden. Think about if you have to go on the run. Complete military take over or localized terrorist attacks would force you into adopting a stealth mindset and plan. More people just means more chances of getting killed in a situation like this.

Resources – More people means more mouths to feed. If you’re the only one with the skills to hunt guess who everybody expects to feed them? You can’t simply catch food for yourself and eat in front of everybody. Do this and they will turn against you in the most violent of ways.

Disadvantages of going lone wolf

Not possible in all situations – How the hell are you going to go lone wolf with a family? There are some situations where going lone wolf isn’t morally right or appropriate. You have to do whatever it takes to protect those you love. Getting your family and friends into a safe location is always priority number one. It doesn’t matter if they are fat and stupid!

Less versatility – Bugging out with a group of people has advantages. Everybody has a unique skill set they can bring to the table. The collective skills of everyone in the group can come together in a very effective way. Some people could hunt, others can collect water, there will be people who can operate comms, people with military experience etc.

Less protection – I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of a 3 on 1 fight. In a group you can stick together and protect each other. There is power numbers. Together we stand but divided we fall!

Company – Do you really want to be alone through all of this? I don’t know about you but I get weird if I don’t socialize at least a little bit each week. Having company, especially through a rough SHTF situation, could be the one thing that keeps you alive – at least mentally. A big part of survival is mental so don’t overlook the power in numbers.

Final thoughts

As you can see, going lone wolf has its advantages and disadvantages. If you truly dislike people and don’t have any family, going lone wolf is the only way for you. But, if you have a family and friends then going lone wolf simply isn’t practical or the right thing to do.

The decision of going lone wolf will be hardest for those who only have a group of loose acquaintances. Do you roll with those around you or go solo? They aren’t exactly your family so there isn’t any reason to stick around. But, they are the only people you know. What do you say? Will you be going lone wolf if TSHTF? Let us all know in the comments.



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