The Will To Survive

The prepper network and community has expanded to the far reaches of the world thanks to the internet. Nowadays, anybody has access to a wide spectrum of information and can learn basic prepping and survival principles. It’s easy to get into prepping and fall down a rabbit hole of information and lose your way. There are tons of popular survival products on the market and one can easily blow through an entire years salary in no time at all.

New and even seasoned preppers easily forget that survival goes far beyond purchasing gear and food. True survival ultimately comes down the the will to survive.

What is the will to survive? The will to survive is an experience. Being an experience, you cannot easily explain it like you could if you were simply giving directions. I will however argue that the will to survive is embedded deep into all men. It’s a primal will that’s been forged in us from the very beginning.

In fact, you are here reading this very article because you come from a long line of survivors. At one point in your long lineage of ancestors the will to survive developed. If it hadn’t you would not be here.

The will to survive will ultimately be responsible for your survival. Sure, there’s a lot of gear and prepper items you can purchase to make this easier. But without the will to survive such items will be useless.

Many people become fearful of the future. They become paranoid and life becomes chaos for them. Perhaps you as well sink to these lower levels of consciousness.

I propose that you should not be fearful because inside you is the will to survive. Deep inside of you is a primal switch that when turned on, will power and pull you through even the toughest times. You can think back to a time of struggle in your life and see how you are still living. You can think back to a time of immense pain and anxiety and see that you are still here. There is a good chance you will still be here tomorrow.

Because you know this you can set aside any fear. Because this has been proven to you it’s easy to live a life of peace and calmness. From a place of calmness you will effortlessly find answers and solutions to the problems life will throw at you.

You no longer have fear because inside you is a will to survive programmed in at birth.

Keep this in mind as you go about your day. Keep this in mind as you go about your preps.

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