Top 5 Budget Survival Knives

If you’ve done any research on survival you know the knife is the most important piece of gear in your kit. The knife is versatile enough to cut cordage, baton wood, and protect you from attackers. But if you’ve looked at the knives many people recommend, you might find yourself saying one thing – “damn, these are expensive!”

And you’re right. The best of anything is going to cost you a pretty penny. But don’t worry, there are actually some quality blades you can get for relatively cheap. Read on for a list of my favorite budget survival knives.

US Marine Core Military Knife


Price: $11.76

Licensed by the military and used throughout the USMC training course. This is a beastly looking blade. In fact, I’m not even sure if this is legal in all states. It’s a weighty knife, not a cheapo blade by any means. The blade itself is sharp as hell and locks securely into place. I have no doubts that in the right hands, one could easily Rambo their way out of any full blown SHTF situation. If you’re looking for a budget survival knife you got to check this one out for sure.

TAC-FORCE Black Sheriff LED


Price: $10.90

Shank your way through the dark with a no-nonsense survival knife made for CRITICAL OPS. The LED on this bad boy is surprisingly bright and effective. The blade is also something you don’t want to handle unless you know what you’re doing – it’s sharp as razor wire and has a mean bite indeed. This the black sheriff and it’s here to add a little justice to your survival kit. The price of this blade will satisfy even the most frugal meiser.

RAMBO Tactical Hunting Knife


Price: $12.99

Can you imagine smashing through a full blown SHTF situation with a knife that looks like this? I’ll tell you right now, nobody is going to mess with you. This blade is big and bad, and stands up to the stressors of even the most hairest survival situations. Baton full size logs and then turn around to shank your way through a hoard of ISIS terrorists. Serious stuff.

The Survivor HK


Price: $7.49

A serious survival knife that brings loads of value to the table. It’s a full on fixed blade survival knife with paracord and a ferrocerium rod included. What more could you ask for in a survival knife? At less than $10 bucks, you would have to have been dropped on your head not to see the value in this. This is a great bargain buy because of all the included gear. Don’t pass up on this deal.

Tac-Force TS-705


Price: $9.04

Another blade that is possibly illegal depending on your state (don’t tell daddy.) This is a “spring assisted” blade, otherwise known as a switch blade. I like this knife because you can keep it in your pocket unlike a fixed blade. At a moments notice you can bust this thing out and switch the blade. If you¬†things get hairy this is a great knife to have on hand. It also has a built in bottle opener so you can crack open a brewski after a long day on the apocalyptic plains of DOOM.


Well there you have it. All of these blades are under $15 dollars. It really doesn’t get any more budget than this. If you’re still looking for something cheaper I suggest spending the money on a psychologist who can diagnose why you’re always trying to cheap out on stuff. If you could kick your coffee addiction for even a month you would have enough cash for a full blown bug out bag or survival kit. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!


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