7 Crucial Urban Survival Skills

Where will you be when TSHTF? At home? In Wal-Mart? The majority of the us live in dense urban environments – the type of environments where people transform into violent apes when their survival is at stake. The power gets cut and people lose their minds. Stores are looted for goods and wares. Do you have what it takes to survive? Do you have the urban survival skills required to make it out alive? In this post I’m going to crack deep into the skills you need to survive an urban death trap.

1.) Stay cool

Most people are going to completely lose it during an SHTF situation. Have you ever been to the shopping malls on black Friday? People trample and kill each other over consumer goods – what do you think will happen in a life or death situation? While most people are panicking you must be calm as a Buddhist monk. Panicked people make mistakes. Cool people with level heads make wise choices. Choices that will lead them to ultimate survival.

Chances are you get stressed out over many things in life. We’ve been programmed to behave like this. Practice staying cool in situations that get you heated. This will strengthen your ability to take a smooth step back and properly assess the situation with an objective eye. You will see the situation for what it is. Emotions cloud reality and force you deeper into suffering. Stay cool at all costs.

2.) Know your city inside and out

A deep understanding of your city will help you greatly when it comes time to bug out. Think about the routes most people are likely take. Take the route less traveled. It might be longer but you will bypass traffic congestion. Think about the back roads available to you. If you don’t know your city then spend some time getting acquainted. Find a map. Use different modes of transportation. You will understand the city differently on a bike or walking. The slower you go the more details you pick up. Survival is all in the small details. You might not be able to simply drive out of the city depending on the circumstance. Walk or bike to get a pulse-level understanding of the layout. This will give you a significant advantage when it comes time to leave.

3.) Exit strategy

Just where do you plan on heading when all hell breaks loose? In the event of a long term power outage, where will you go? It makes no sense to bug out if you don’t have a final destination. Think about friends or family in the surrounding areas you could post up with until things cool down. Think about the route you will take to get there. How will you smash through a wild urban wasteland full of apes?

4.) Self-defense


In the city there will be no rules when all hell breaks loose. Wild and violent apes will inhabit the freshly collapsed landscape. The primitive mind will inflict a stranglehold on men desperate to survive. Cities are already ripe with violence. When TSHTF this violence will skyrocket to untold levels. It will only be a matter of time before they start flinging shit all over the place.

Not all of us are martial arts experts. Hell, not all of us are even survival experts. God knows that I am not one to give you karate lessons, but I will say this – self defense is an important urban survival skill. At the very least, learn how to properly throat chop a potential assailant. You should have pepper spray in your bug out bag – perhaps multiple canisters.

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Avoid conflict at all costs but don’t be afraid to bust caps or let loose with some bear mace if it comes down to it. There will be no rules when the apes begin to fling shit into the fan.

5.) Identifying shelter


You might have to bug out of your apartment. If you become stranded in an urban death trap you must find temporary shelter. These can be abandoned buildings, warehouses, homes, or even cars. Many of these establishments could be crawling with violent apes so tread carefully. Find a safe nook and hunker down for the night. You have everything you need in your bug out bag so stay calm and focus on the master plan.

6.) Securing clean water

You know how important water is for survival. Finding clean water is an urban survival skill that you can’t overlook. Local rivers around the city are deeply contaminated from years of industry. Pockets of water that have collected from a recent rain are sure to be polluted. There are ways you can purify the water you locate around the city – the easiest way is to use a water filter.

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If you don’t have a water filter you can make one using a 2 liter bottle, sand, gravel, and charcoal. The following instructions are taken from my post on 7 survival techniques to learn ASAP:

Snatch up an empty 2 liter or other plastic container and chop the bottom off. Fill with activated charcoal, sand, and gravel. Stick a piece of cloth in the hole to keep everything in place. Simply pour in some water and collect it when it comes out with a clean drinking container.

DIY urban survival water filter

7.) Hunting and gathering

Good eatins’ in the city

Hunting is a biggy. If you can hunt you will gladly be accepted into a group where you will have access to resources and safety. You could also choose to go lone wolf and provide for yourself. Either way, hunting is an urban survival skill you don’t want to pass up. If you don’t think there’s anything to hunt in the city think again – there are plenty of street pigeons and squirrels. On the outskirts you will find larger animals and edible plants. In fact, there are a lot of edible weeds and plants that grow in the city if you know how to identify them. These plants will provide you with nutrients and medicinal properties – invaluable resources in a survival situation.

Final thoughts

These are a few skills you can work on in your spare time. If you’re feeling brave you can go out and practice in the city. Take down a couple pigeons and learn to cook them. Map out your city. Find where the edible plants grow. Have fun with all this stuff. You can still have fun while learning the essential skills you need to survive!

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