What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati has received wide spread press coverage in recent years as more and more citizens question their governments. People are waking up. People are beginning to realize that they only have the illusion of control. Deep down we understand that someone else – some group – is pulling the strings. But who exactly?

What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati is a secret group of powerful masterminds with roots that go back to the 1700’s. Originally, the group was formed to rebel against the powerful influence religion commanded over the decisions of government. Over time, the Illuminati grew into an influential force until they were stamped out by existing governments who saw the group as a threat to their power. The Illuminati is said to have survived by going underground and working mysteriously in the background.

The all seeing eye representing complete domination and control over a global population.

Theorists propose that the Illuminati have infiltrated mainstream media and control every aspect of the entertainment industry. Public figures like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West are thought to be members of the Illuminati, operating at the forefront and advancing the globalist agenda. These pop stars operate in direct daylight and have powerful influence on young minds – minds that are primed and ready to accept pre-programmed beliefs about the world – beliefs that benefit the indoctrination of our youth into the new world order.

Society is rapidly losing it’s ability to think rationally or deeply about anything meaningful. Go to any mall and notice the hundreds of unconscious youth plugged into their phones – absorbing the globalist agenda and not questioning anything they see.

Illuminati and the new world order

The new world order is part of the globalist agenda designed to bring sovereign states and countries under the rule of a totalitarian government. The agenda of this global government is complete control and domination over the world population. Secret plans from this mysterious agenda have surfaced and include reducing world population, mass brainwashing, world conflict, secret police, militarized nations, and total government collapse.

Where’s the proof?

The proof is right there for everyone to see but globalist super powers like the Illuminati have orchestrated and brainwashed us to disbelieve. Conspiracy theorists are seen as “nut-jobs” and cast out from society. This is exactly what they have planned. Globalist think tanks have employed the worlds best psychologists to develop brainwashing techniques that short-circuit the rational mind. You have been conditioned to associate “conspiracy” with the mentally ill or crazy. This is not by mistake — this has all been carefully crafted and carried out by the Illuminati in their never ending quest for power and control.

How to survive the coming economic collapse

Globalists shadow cults like the Illuminati have one agenda. Total government collapse. Using their insider knowledge of the financial system they will crash the dollar. This will usher in a new era of fear and panic. The masses will quickly flock to anybody who can promise to restore order. This is when they step in. This is when we get chipped, tracked, vaccinated and led right into the slaughterhouse. You must be prepared for the coming collapse. You must arm yourself with the knowledge required to withstand an economic meltdown and the insurgency of a police state. Are you ready?

Going off the grid

Learning to survive off the grid will be an essential skill. When the power is cut, when the food trucks stop running, you will have no other option. Start preparing now. The knowledge is out there. Protecting your family if you have one will be priority number one. The threats to their safety will astound you. They will come from all angles — not  just from police or other militarized branches of the NWO. Your own neighbors and people panicking for resources will be the first to secure whatever resources you have at all costs. SO, when you are learning this stuff you have to keep quiet. You cannot broadcast your abundance to the world.

People change when resources start to run out. They will turn against you. Do whatever it takes to protect your family. Preparation is your only option — because it’s not a matter of IF the Illuminati fulfills their agenda but WHEN.

Start today.


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