What To Do When The Wife Doesn’t Approve of Your Preps

There seems to be a major disconnect between husband and wife these days. Not only have relationships become a stagnant situation with all passion lost, but reason has been thrown out with the bath water. I’m specifically discussing the wife who doesn’t understand the preps of her husband.

From the husbands perspective, he is preparing the safety of his wife and his family. He is preparing for the inevitable destruction of society or total economic collapse.

To the wife, the husband looks crazy and paranoid. She might even nag at him day after day about spending money on his preps.

“More tin foil? I though you just bought some?”

“Sweety, this is for the greater good for you and the family. You’ll understand one day.”

Except, she¬†might not ever understand the mission and purpose of your preps. She will never understand the old proverb that clearly states…

“plant in the spring and harvest in the autumn so you have food through the winter.”

Indeed. For the average women, her concerns are mostly frivolous and short sighted. You must understand, deep down she knows you will keep her safe but you cannot ever expect her to fully understand why you do what you do. You cannot expect her to see things in any logical matter.

So what can you do in these types of situations? Can you make her see things your way?

In my experience the answer is mostly no. However, it really depends on the wife. Some wives rival the foresight and fortitude of most men. They are intelligent, practical and logical. They can clearly see the value in prepping for a collapse of some sort. If this is your wife, pat yourself on the back because these types of women are few and far between.

If you’re married to a woman of the other type, she will more than likely never care about your preps or wish to help you in any way. For this woman, prepping is a waste of time, she’s not even really sure why you are so “paranoid” and she would much rather watch Oprah and nag at you over something petty.

This type of woman cannot be reasoned with and will never see things from your perspective. Treat her as if she is missing a part of her brain. Be kind to her, but never allow her to nag at you about your preps. It’s important to put your foot down and be firm.

“Sweety, I’m going to town for some tin foil. You want me to pick up the Notebook and a box of bon-bons for you while I’m out?”

“that sounds great!”

Now you’re communicating.

Perhaps one day a fat pile of shit will hit the fan and she’ll realize the importance of what you do. A man can only hope!

There is a second type of wife. This wife might not understand what prepping is or why you do it, but she can be reasoned with. You can speak to her about the importance of preparation. Show her examples of times in America where things hit the fan. Show her the importance of being self reliant and what will happen if the electrical goes out.

Remind her that you’re doing this for her and the kids (if you have kids.) You want to keep her and the kids safe. She will begin to sway her opinion in your favor. Make your preps about her.

Here’s how communication goes with this type of wife.

“Honey, I am going to the store for some tin foil.”

“Okay, but could just buy the store brand? It’s the exact same quality as Reynolds but half the price. And here’s a coupon!”

Indeed…now we are getting somewhere.

Ultimately, as a man you must prepare no matter what. You do not require your wifes approval nor does she need to be on your ass about it 24/7.

Explain why you do what you do but do not harp at her everyday expecting her to see things differently. When a woman has her mind made up about something you cannot change it, nor would you want to.

Godspeed and happy prepping!


Editors note: This was a work of satire.


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